My Photos in Texas History Museum

The Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin is running an exhibit on Big Bend. They have chosen to display two of my photographs from Big Bend National Park.

The first image (above) is The Window taken early one morning in September 2008. Henry and Michael (my sons) are with me in the photo above, and they were also with me when I took the image (Henry was a toddler, and Michael was not born yet but due in about a month at the time). It makes for a neat image thinking about my boys and when and where I made the photo that’s now on display.

Also, just near that photo, is a display case showing a Canon 5D DSLR combined with a Canon 17-40mm f/4L lens. The equipment is not mine, but it is the same exact model camera and lens that I used to make that photo of The Window. It’s just an interesting coincidence.

The second photo is of Cerro Castellan taken in late afternoon in April of 2006. It was my first visit to that area of the park, and I fell in love with the interesting contrasts (white ash and red rocks) and the towering, multi-colored peak above.

The exhibit runs through September 18th, 2016. Catch it while you can!

More Published Work

Just a quick note to capture recent and upcoming publications:

The Friends of Big Bend National Park have used my photo below in their recent newsletter.

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This is a scene of Scarlet Gilia on the Lost Mine Trail taken in September 2007. will publish the following four photos in their 2010 calendar:

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The photos, top to bottom, are:
- Rainbow from the South Rim, Sept. 2007
- The Window just after sunrise, Sept. 2008
- The Painted Desert (badlands near Dawson Creek), Mar. 2009
- Meteor over my tent, Mar. 2009

Many thanks to both FBB and BBC for selecting and using my Big Bend photos!

Another Photo Published by Texas Highways

Texas Highways has choosen my Blue Creek Canyon sunset photo for use in their 2010 calendar.

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The calendar will not be out until later this year. This calendar should be available at local bookstores (e.g. Barnes & Noble, etc.). I’m not sure what month my photo will appear on in the calendar.

Many, many thanks to the folks at Texas Highways for again publishing my work and allowing me the privilege of sharing work from my Visions of Big Bend photo project! Calendar

I should have posted this a month ago. Four of my photos (including the cover) appeared in’s 2009 calendar. Sorry this is late news, I’m just a bit brain-dead these days (holidays, new baby, etc.).

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The calendar is offered through Cafepress. I’ve already receieved a few and I’m impressed. The print quality is decent for a calendar. Looks pretty nice on the wall.

Aside from my photos, the calendar is definitely very high quality. The other photos are very, very good, and the calendar as a whole offers a spectacular view of the park. I’m proud that my work appears in the calendar and also alongside some fine photography from others.

Visit Big Bend Chat here.

My Article on Big Bend in IP Mag.

I’m greatly pleased to announce that I’ve had an article published in the premier issue of International Photographer Magazine (edited and published by Brian Patterson). The article spans 16 pages and includes 11 of my photos taken in Big Bend National Park. There’s also a short write-up by me that focuses on my shooting style and techniques. The cover photo is also mine.

click to visit the MagCloud site and preview the magazine

IP Magazine is offered as a print-on-demand publication. It’s roughly twice as expensive as specialty photography magazines you see in bookstores (e.g. Aperture, Lenswork). However, being offered as print-on-demand insures that no waste occurs. It’s a neat concept.

In fact, Lenswork Publishing has recently pulled their magazine from bookstores and it’s only available via subscription, effectively print-on-demand (although it’s only issued bi-monthly). The reason is that typical magazines offered in stores often go to waste when they are not purchased. They end up getting thrown out (or hopefully put into a recycle bin).

Anyway, hope you enjoy my article! I’m very pleased to have photos from my Big Bend project featured in a publication.

My Photo in Nov. Issue of Texas Highways

Texas Highways magazine has published a photo of mine in their November issue! Check out the Window on Texas section on the inside of the back cover.

I took this photo while hunting a while back, and it is part of my High Lonesome photo project. I definitely remember shooting this photo after being entranced by the amazing colors and iridescence of turkey feathers in the sunlight.

Many thanks to Texas Highways for choosing my photo!

Death Valley Book

It’s done. Our book is ready for order. (Actually, it’s been ready since last month, but I’ve been a lazy blogger lately).

The book is a collection of photos from everyone who attended the February 2008 Radiant Vista photography workshop in Death Valley. The book project was created by Saul S. (one of my “classmates”) and myself. Saul and I worked with the rest of the group to gather photo submissions from everyone and generate the electronic file using Blurb’s software: BookStupid… er, BookSmart.Blurb did a fine job with my sample copy of the book. For the price, the printing was quite nice and the overall quality of the book is on par with the usual fare at your local mega-bookstore.

The book is a wonderful keepsake and an impressive study of photography. It’s fascinating because there are so many different photos taken of the same places at the same times. Each photographer in our group had their own unique photographic vision and style (just like our different personalities), and the photos show a window into each person’s inner being.

I cannot help but sit still for a moment while I reflect on that amazing week. Never have I felt so connected with the landscape. Never have I felt so full of creativity, my mind rolling in positive, free-flowing thoughts. The excitement was like being 8 again and experiencing Christmas day over and over for a week. The stimulating, creative atmosphere was an amazing experience, and I try very hard not to forget the natural highs we all enjoyed.

The book is great. It really is. I’ll show it to you if you live close to me and want to see it :-)