Giant Yoda

What does an eight-foot tall Yoda made of LEGO® bricks look like? Well, there was one in Baybrook Mall this past weekend :-)

The new LEGO store at the mall celebrated its grand opening over the weekend, and TexLUG (the LEGO fan group that I’m in) volunteered to help with the giant build.

a smaller model of Yoda sits atop the unfinished giant model

Of course I took my camera along to document the event. It was a lot of fun watching the kids (and adults too) help build the model. The process involved the public building “macro” bricks (large bricks made up of smaller bricks) that were then passed to the master model builder (from LEGO) to place in the final Yoda model. Click on the images to see the full gallery of my photos.

master model builder, Dan, hard at work

My LEGO News – Sorting and Planning

I spent a lot of time at home last week with a nasty cold and sinus infection (a pretty bad one too – the headaches knocked me out of commission). I hit the bricks, once again, in efforts to clear the huge back-log of loose parts, half-built projects, and general clutter laying around my LEGO work area.

It’s been years since I’ve built anything seriously. I miss my bricks and I miss the building process. But I’ve been apprehensive and loath to clean the slate for a new project. There’s nearly a mountain of work to be done.

The desk is looking pretty good now, especially with a load of new bins for parts sorting. I like these large plastic frames that contain multiple clear storage pull-out-type trays. Things are looking neat and tidy now, and I’m finally seeing the faint light at the end of the proverbial dark tunnel in regards to finishing the huge clean-up.

The desk is about eight feet wide and used to be very cluttered with all sorts of stuff – books, computer & printer, cameras, and LEGO parts, of course. I decided to keep it strictly LEGO. I screwed-down a large oval train track so that I can run trains around the desk perimeter for entertainment. This is mainly for somebody else:

It’s a thief! Stop! Who’s stealing my plates???

Little Henry (my son) just can’t help himself. He crawled up on the desk and started digging around :-)

So what am I planning to build next? Stay tuned…

New LEGO Set

I bought a new LEGO set this past weekend. This is the first set I’ve purchased in about a year, and this marks the first time that I was more interested in the alternate model than the main model.

The picture above is actually the alternate model – a tractor. The main model (a buggy/racer type of vehicle) just didn’t appeal to me.I was a little disappointed at first when shopping for the set. I just had a hankering to buy a set, but I didn’t know what I wanted nor what the current selection was like. I’m a little behind on the latest offerings from LEGO.

All the Technic sets appeared to be a bit lifeless. From the photos and info printed on the boxes, I could not really tell what sort of intricate and interesting mechanisms lived inside the models. It’s always been a selling point for me – the more mechanical functions a model has, the better. It also gives me a better idea of the parts selection (the MAIN reason why I buy sets).

But LEGO did not disappoint. The model contained a few interesting mechanical features, including one of my favorties: a clutch system used to engage/disengage power from a certain feature. In this case, the clutch allows the “farm implement” (the mechanical thingy hanging off the rear of the tractor) to be turned on (couples it with the drive train so that it’s powered when the tractor moves forward or back) or off.

I’m not sure why the large Technic models were “dumbed-down” on print. LEGO surely snuck in a few good mechanical features (although not too complex) that weren’t really advertised well on the box. They also gave the model very nice styling and appearance without using too many useless parts (i.e. large purpose-made pieces that only work on a particular model).

Now, if they’d just get back to using the classic Technic beams (the ones with holes AND studs), I’d be very happy! :-)

p.s. In case you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of LEGO:!