Big Bend Workshop News (Oct. ’14)

It’s on! This event is officially scheduled and accepting students. I have a room block and a conference room booked.

I’ve sent an announcement out to my email list and now have several folks signed up. Please see the workshop details page (click here!) for more information.

I’ve lowered my price a bit and made some slight changes in how the event will operate. The workshop details page has all the information and fine details.

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions. I hope to see you in Big Bend!

Big Bend – done!

I’m home now and very happy to be here. My last few days in the Big Bend area were spent in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

I had to deal with multiple flat tires, 100° heat, lost camera batteries, a cold, and a rattlesnake. It quite wasn’t the “trip from hell”, but it wasn’t very easy either.

I’ll have loads of photos and stories in the coming days.

Edit:  I’m sorry for the poor quality photos that I’ve been posting. I’ve been managing it all from my phone (reviewing, editing, posting) and I never realized how bad the pics looked until just now on my home computer monitor. I’ll need to play around some with my mobile photo editor (on my phone) and see if I can get the output to look better.

Big Bend day 8

The days are blending together. This trip is passing by quickly. We are having fun. Since the national park is closed, we are focused on Terlingua and also Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Clouds have finally moved back in to break up the clear skies we’ve had for the last several days.

Big Bend day 3

Getting Into the Mode

Slowly my mind is coming back to the creative, visual mode. I’ve been gone from that way too long.

There are amazing little details all over. It feels good to slow down, enjoy them, and photograph them.

I’m leading a group of excellent photographers and friends around my favorite landscape. Getting to show them the sights, and watching them find their own beautiful details is an amazing thing to see.

Big Bend days 1 & 2

First full day in Big Bend.

Getting out here was a long journey. The weather was nice. The drive went well.

We haven’t hit the park yet, but the desert is green and there are some flowers!

There is a threat of rain today, and it should clear out tomorrow. We tried to shoot the stars last night, but it was too cloudy.

sunset last night

PS#9: Cemetery at Night

This image was taken in the Terlingua Ghost Town Cemetery a few weeks ago and just prior to the start of my workshop. At this time of year, the Milky Way rises about 3:30~4am. Marti and I got up really early to catch this event.

click for larger image

Shooting Specs:
Camera: Canon 5DII
Lens: Canon 24mm f/1.4L II
Filter: none
Shutter Speed: 25 sec.
Aperture: f/2
Focal Length: 24mm
ISO: 3200
Camera mounted on tripod

The skies were clear and the moon had set the evening prior. We started long enough before dawn that the skies were still very dark. Sunrise was at about 7:20am, so we had until about 6:00am before the sky started to lighten up.

The Milky Way was in a different position and orientation than I’m used to seeing. The bands of the galaxy were horizontal and positioned over the eastern horizon. I’m used to shooting in late summer and the fall when the bands are oriented more vertically and towards the southern or southwestern horizon.

This particular orientation (late Feb.) made a great landscape composition with the bands of the galaxy paralleling the horizon. I chose a spot in the cemetery that featured multiple crosses. Since the Milky Way had just risen, it laid nicely right over the crosses.