Updates 2 of 3 – Main Photo Galleries

I’ve revised and updated the main photo galleries on my website. This is a change that I’ve been working on for almost two months now.

The three main galleries are simply portfolios based a general theme:
Nature & Wildlife
Human Element

I reduced the number of photos in each portfolio from about 30 to about 15. I think that approximately 15 photos are plenty enough for a portfolio to give the viewer a satisfying taste of a photographer’s work and capabilities.

The theme of each portfolio represents the major aspects of my photography and the type of photographs I desire to make. I do shoot outside these themes of course, but my main focus falls into the natural world and people or elements of humankind in the natural world.

I’ve also updated the style and format of the single page views, i.e. the individual pages that display each photo in a large size. These pages will contain the full gallery in thumbnails at the bottom. So, when you view each photo, you’ll get a sense of where the photo lies within the portfolio, and will be able to jump to a different photo without having to click back to the main index page.

Hope this looks good and works out for you viewers. Let me know! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Updates 2 of 3 – Main Photo Galleries

  1. TJ, Very nice web site, I’ve always liked how your site worked. I even modeled mine in a similar fashion (hope you don’t mind). I have not web addressed it yet as I got involved with this blog thing. If I had to rate the 3 galleries I love the landscape most of all with Nature second and Human 3rd. All extremely good work.

  2. Thanks, Mike. No problem, copy/mimick all you want. I like the straightforwardness of the design and the simplicity. After all, it’s about the photos and not fancy web design.


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