Updates 3 of 3 – Visions of Big Bend

And finally, I’ve updated my Visions of Big Bend photography project. I made some significant changes, such as creating new categories and deleting old ones within the main gallery. I’ve also updated the gallery with photos from my recent trip to the park.

click for project page

I used the new gallery format too. When you view each photo, the sub-gallery, or “series”, will show up below in thumbnail size. This should make browsing easier. Enjoy!

Project-wise, I’m still very much into this photo project and will continue to shoot Big Bend National Park indefinitely. I have a planned week-long trip to the park about a year from now, and hopefully I’ll get to make another trip next year sometime. So, updates to the project page will be a ways off, but please stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Updates 3 of 3 – Visions of Big Bend

  1. Thanks! Yes. While Henry was eating your multi-color popsicle, I snuck off for a few minutes and photographed around this old barn :-)

  2. Thanks, Mike. The book will come someday. I feel that I need more content on the project and more experience with Big Bend to create a meaninful book. Maybe in a few more years, and several more long visits… :-)

  3. This has grown into a really impressive body of work. Your repeat visits and dedication to subject has paid off, and you’ve been able to capture a wide variety of lighting and weather conditions that would be pretty much impossible in a single visit. I think it’s some of your best work, and look forward to seeing how the project develops and grows in the future (put me down for a book).

  4. Thanks, Jeff. It is indeed interesting to see some locations again and again in different conditions. I just wish the park was more accessible (a 10-hr drive one-way pretty much eats up two days out of each trip) and that I could spend more time there. Of course I have the rest of my life and the park isn’t going anywhere :-) At least that’s what my wife says.

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