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I thought I’d mention a few great photography related sites and give you an idea of what I read on an almost daily basis. Hope you can spend some time with some of this content. It’s what inspires, teaches, and entertains me.

The Mindful Eye

Several years ago, Craig Tanner started the Radiant Vista. As of late last month, it’s been split up amongst major Radiant Vista contributors, and Craig’s baby is the new “The Mindful Eye” site.

Craig, along with the help of many different contributors, has produced (and will keep producing) damn fine photography content all for free at TME. Content such as the Daily Critique, shooting tutorials, Lightroom tutorials, etc. are there for free. It’s like Radiant Vista on steroids.

Check out TME and spend some time with it. Join the community (forum) there and participate in discussions and photo sharing. It’s a great place!

Mike’s Journal:

I met Mike and his young son, Eric, last February at a Radiant Vista photography workshop in Death Valley. Mike brought along copies of his most recent journal at the time, and everyone in the workshop was greatly impressed. Mike’s Journal features photography from Mike and sometimes also his son, Eric.

But it’s not just straight photography. Mike, with the help of another one of his sons, takes the photos and manipulates them into a collection of dream-like art that flows page-to-page wonderfully. Mike writes brief comments and poetry to go along with the imagery, and the text is overlayed on the designs. Some of the photos are just straight photography, but most are transformed into beautiful designs, often with other bits of photos and graphic designs overlayed.

His journals are artisic, fascinating, intelligent, and just fabulous, unique works of art. You can’t get that sort of content at your local mega-bookstore.

Check out his latest offering on journal No. 7, Faces of the Dominican. He’s actually giving the first 250 copies away for free! I received mine yesterday and both my wife and I enjoyed it. It’s “54 pages, poetry art and a short story”.

My Blogroll: (see column of links to the right)

I’ve been collecting links to other people’s photography blogs. These are blogs that I read (actually subscribe to via the Google reader) and enjoy. Some are quite different from each other, but the content is usually interesting, educational, and challenging. And that’s what I enjoy these days – stuff that grates against my normal mode of thinking and gets my intellectual and creative juices flowing.

It’s not a list of my photo buddies, although I personally know many of the blog owners. These are blogs that I feel offer quality content and are worth reading as often as new posts are made. Enjoy!

One thought on “Great Photography Stuff Online

  1. TJ,
    Thanks for Mike’s Journal link he does some great stuff. Him and Eric were at the Tetons WS and Eric has become quite the photographer, they both had some very good images and contributed immensely to the WS. Mike told interesting stories of the DR trip.

    This post is very supportive. Thanks

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