The Night Sky – Long Exposures

So while I was busy making my 30 second shots with the 5D (see previous blog entry), I put the 40D to work :-)

Click for larger image.

Canon 40D, 17-40mm f/4L
40 minutes, f/5.6, 17mm, ISO 200 (and then pushed 1/3 stop in RAW processing)

40 minutes later (actually 80 due to the NR cycle), this magnificent spinning sky spun up on my LCD. Damn, I was happy. A little disappointed too. The dark skies that we have at the High Lonesome Ranch aren’t that dark after all. There’s light over the north horizon polluting the sky. I could just barely see it with my naked eye, but I’m surprized how brightly it showed up in these long exposures.

Here are two more:

Shots made with same settings as above.
Click for larger images.

2 thoughts on “The Night Sky – Long Exposures

  1. Nice spin, I also like the two others, the first gives me a feeling of tension and I love the green in the second. Yes that light you can’t see ends up being way to bright. I think light pollution is the unknown pollution that wipes out an amazing amount of natural beauty. I’m going to try and do my part to correct this.

  2. Thanks, Mike. The green light is from a sodium vapor light up on a pole near our cabin. It was barely visible with the naked eye, but shows up bright green in the photo. It’s light pollution too, but it’s kinda cool – like the red light on your cabin in the night shot you posted the other day on your blog :-)

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