Happy New Years Eve

Greetings from the backyard. I’m currently sitting outside, watching Henry play and smoking some chickens.

Of course a good backyard cook-out isn’t complete without beer :-) I’m sipping on some Trippel from New Belgium Brewing Co. Good stuff!

And the chickens? Well, it’s pretty simple: three whole birds (two with sliced and pickled jalepenos stuffed under the skins) with salt, pepper, and a lot of Mesquite smoke :-) We’ll also have some pinto beans and potato salad later.

Hope you all have a fantastic and safe New Year’s Eve!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Years Eve

  1. Is this a cooking blog? :) Looks like you had a great holiday with the family. Hope the new year is full of family and photography for you…

  2. It’s a food, beer, family, photography, etc. kinda blog :-) Well, it’s mostly photography :-)

    Thanks, Mike. I wish you and yours the best in this new year.

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