My Article on Big Bend in IP Mag.

I’m greatly pleased to announce that I’ve had an article published in the premier issue of International Photographer Magazine (edited and published by Brian Patterson). The article spans 16 pages and includes 11 of my photos taken in Big Bend National Park. There’s also a short write-up by me that focuses on my shooting style and techniques. The cover photo is also mine.

click to visit the MagCloud site and preview the magazine

IP Magazine is offered as a print-on-demand publication. It’s roughly twice as expensive as specialty photography magazines you see in bookstores (e.g. Aperture, Lenswork). However, being offered as print-on-demand insures that no waste occurs. It’s a neat concept.

In fact, Lenswork Publishing has recently pulled their magazine from bookstores and it’s only available via subscription, effectively print-on-demand (although it’s only issued bi-monthly). The reason is that typical magazines offered in stores often go to waste when they are not purchased. They end up getting thrown out (or hopefully put into a recycle bin).

Anyway, hope you enjoy my article! I’m very pleased to have photos from my Big Bend project featured in a publication.

2 thoughts on “My Article on Big Bend in IP Mag.

  1. Well, it’s not a big-time publication, but it’s a start. I’m happy. Thanks for commenting and being here!

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