2008 in Review

Welcome to the new year. 2008 is in the books and we’re off again on another revolution of the Sun. 365 days (well, less 8 now) of opportunity, new sights, and hopefully fun lay ahead.

I’ve been seriously, deeply into photography for over six years now. I often wonder what each new year will bring, photographically, and I sit back, reminisce, and be thankful for the year that has passed. I’m often amazed at the things I have seen, for they are not predictable and the resulting photos can be quite unexpected (in a good way).

Here are 12 of my photos from 2008:

Bryce Canyon, February

Death Valley, February

Lone Star Trail, Texas, April

High Island, Texas, April

High Lonesome Ranch, Texas, May

Big Bend, September

Bastrop State Park, Texas, September

High Lonesome Ranch, Texas, November

Actually, I could have filled up this bunch of 12 with photos only from Death Valley and Big Bend. I enjoyed those places the most. But I also got to experience many other places (some new) and made fond memories. The workshop in Death Valley was the highlight (well, except for becoming a father for the second time – that trumps everything :-) ) as I met 18 people for the first time, befriended them, and had an intense photography and nature experience.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot and advanced my work in 2008. I certainly enjoyed every minute of it. I know these photos are far better than the ones I was making 5 – 6 years ago, but the amount of enjoyment I get from photography is still constantly pleasing. I think that’s the big realization I’ve just come to – it doesn’t matter what I’m shooting or the quality of the resulting photos, I’m still enjoying it and still having just as much fun as I was several years ago.

So what will 2009 bring? Who knows?… I have to get out and shoot, go places, take chances, and enjoy it. With a little luck, I’ll be reviewing 12 new images and fond new memories in January 2010 :-)

2 thoughts on “2008 in Review

  1. First, let me say your work for 2008 is fabulous, I’ve looked at most of these images before and this time I enjoyed them even more.

    Secondly, as with you Death Valley WS was a highlight for me. I hadn’t had so much fun with a bunch of strangers who became friends ever.

    Finally, Thanks for sharing that time and thanks for your photographic help. I hope our gear ends up in the same place at the same time soon.

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