Photos from a 3-year Old

A while back, we got Henry a little kiddie camera. It’s a low-quality web-cam adapted into a “child-proof” camera body. I’ll vouch for its robustness, but the picture quality is terrible.

Henry and his cam.

I put together a little gallery of Henry’s photos yesterday:

click to see gallery

There were some interesting photos in the bunch. One interesting observation is that he often shoots things from his eye-level, i.e. he does not look upwards. Another problem is that the camera has a terribly long shutter lag, so he’s often putting the camera down while it’s in the process of actually taking a photo. He likes to shoot the TV a lot. There were several dozen photos of some of his favorite TV shows.

Some photos seem completely random and some are accidents. He’ll depress the shutter sometimes when he’s holding the camera at his side.

click to see gallery

But some photos seem like he’s actually seriously thinking about the composition when he takes them. It doesn’t seem possible because he photographs like a madman, running all over the place rarely standing still for more than 3 seconds. Maybe he’ll make a good photojournalist someday?

2 thoughts on “Photos from a 3-year Old

  1. Wow, Glad I’m not buying camera equipment for two and soon three. Fun pics this kid has talent, he of course will need his own blog soon… Thanks for sharing, brings back memories for this Dad.

  2. Yeh, at some point, I’ll have to buy that boy a real camera. Of course he’ll have to get past the age where he throws/flings/drops just about anything he picks up.

    We’re about to get him his own computer. Maybe I can set up his blog then ;-) or whatever the kiddies are doing these days (Facebook, Myspace??) :-)

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