Nugent Mountain

I went to Big Bend recently to take on a specific photo project (a sub-project within my Visions of Big Bend Photo Project). This photo is from the trip but not from the sub-project :-)

Nugent Mountain – click for larger image

Canon 5D II with 24mm f/1.4L II + cir. pol.
f/8, 1/90 sec., ISO 200

I couldn’t pass up this scene with the great clouds framing Nugent Mountain. It was just too nice despite the harsh mid-day light. This was shot along Glenn Springs Road in the backcountry.

I’ll get to my sub-project very soon, but this photo is a slight diversion and the possible start to a new sub-project. It would be very interesting to have portraits of every named peak and mountain in Big Bend. “Desert Mountain Portraits”, or something like that perhaps? Anyway, during the recent trip, I also made similar pictures of some other peaks that would go along with this and perhaps might just kick off this sub-project. We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “Nugent Mountain

  1. TJ, Beautiful image, love the sky and the way the mountain pops forward, very 3D. I’m wondering, IAPW if moving to the left and creating an angle with the mountain baseline would help or hurt the image. Anyway back from Eleuthera and will catch up with the rest of your series soon.

  2. Thanks, Mike. Yeh, the mountain is very “flat”, and trying a different position as you suggested would have been interesting. Maybe next time I’ll see the potential in a scene like this and spend more time with it :-) When I shot this, it was just a quick snapshot, and then I had to move along to get to my destination for the first hike.

    Looking forward to more from you Eleuthera trip!

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