Big Bend Badlands – OMR

Part 3 of 4

About 2.5 miles south of the west gate of the park along Old Maverick Road, you’ll see a low hill to the east of the road. Ansel Adams once stood atop that hill with his camera.

My tribute to Ansel Adams

Note: you can find his photo if you do a Google image search for “Ansel Adams Burro Mesa”.

Below this overlook is a wide and deep arroyo. A tributary of Alamo Creek runs through the flat bottom and, you guessed it, there are badlands down there.

Rose Soil
(click for larger version)

I spent over an hour roaming around before I embarked on my third overnight hike. These badlands do not contain as many interesting features as the Rattlesnake Badlands, but they are unique and beautiful in their own way.

They are mostly flat and follow the wash in the bottom of the arroyo. The spots of badlands are broken up between small, low, and rolling hills – some with vegetation and and some without. Some are patches of soil carpeted with dark red and purplish rocks. It’s a very different and alien landscape, and again, goes beyond what you think of as typical Chihuahuan Desert.

Up next, last stop, Dawson Creek and the Painted Desert. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Big Bend Badlands – OMR

  1. TJ, I love the colors in “Rose Soil” the gray sky a perfect complement to the rose earth. Those bare trees really balance the horizon line, well done. AA would be proud…

  2. Thanks! The “trees” are actually Ocotillo plants (you could describe them as sort of a cross between a tree and a cactus). I wish there was more blue to compliment the red/pink hues in the soil. That was a neat area and I’ll definitely go back :-0

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