SoFoBoMo ’09 Done!

My SoFoBoMo book is done! Here’s the link to my book on the SoFoBoMo website:

If that doesn’t work, or if that website goes away sometime in the future, you can also download the PDF from my website here (6.3 MB).

Also, I’ve turned it into a Blurb book. The link to order the book is here.

The book design is very simple, but it’s intended for my 4-year old son :-) I ended up using 39 different photos, and there are 18 subject pairs for him to guess. Some are pretty simple, but some will take some thought. Of course his second reading of the book will be no challenge at all. His mind is sharp and he remembers everything. He even tells me when I’ve accidentally skipped a page while reading him one of his other books.

For me, this wasn’t really about producing a book. The process of shooting and editing was good practice. This has been a nice photo project and has given me experience in doing the photography work and making a final presentation from it.

Hopefully Henry will enjoy it. I would guess that this book will become well worn within just a few months and we’ll probably have to order a new copy for Michael when he gets around to enjoying such a book.

4 thoughts on “SoFoBoMo ’09 Done!

  1. TJ,
    The book is wonderful!!! Henry is going to LOVE it! I LOVE it. The pictures are creative and interesting and beautiful, too. I think an added interesting component is that the photos are almost from a child’s perscpective. I didn’t think that at first, but I see it now that the book is together. Who would have thought that our backyard would have been so interesting?

  2. TJ, a great idea nicely executed. When you first posted notice that this was your intended project, I was interested to see the results. I’m fond of photography around the house as well, and putting that to the service of a project such as this is an especially “useful” thing to do.

    No doubt your dry period has to do with finishing up one thing and realizing it’s time to do something completely different. Go back to some of your favorite photo books, and I’m sure you’ll get some ideas.

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. I printed a paper copy from the PDF, and Henry loves it. He’s demanded to read it every night since.

    Kent: funny that, I just got two new photo books and I need to get reading!

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