The Sabinal River

The Sabinal River near Utopia, Texas:

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Two weekends ago, my family and I spent 5 days vacationing in the Texas Hill Country. We stayed in a house on the Sabinal River near Utopia. I’m slowly going through my photos, and I will post a few more of them in the coming days.

My wife asked me the other day how I was doing photography-wise and if I felt like I was back in the game. I really didn’t have an answer then and I still don’t now, despite thinking about it a lot lately.

What I do know is that I definitely had an urge to get out and photograph. I came home with 1245 photos :-) of course about half of that take were action shots of us using the rope swing to jump into the river (and my mom used my camera to take a bunch of those).

What was interesting is that my usual super-eager attitude and desire for photographing was not there. Or rather, it was quite diinished. I guess you could say that my desires have matured perhaps. I moved slower, picked through the landscape slower, and really didn’t care if I took a photo at all. I had no expectations and no stress (I guess it was a real vacation then :-) ).

Something has definitely changed in my photographic attitude and drive. I realize this is boring to you and probably not worth stating. I doubt you’ve even read this far (maybe you just looked at the photo and nothing else… and that’s just fine :-) ). But I wanted to write it down just as a journal-type entry to capture how I’m developing. And right now I kinda don’t care. I’m just going with it… and we’ll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “The Sabinal River

  1. Beautiful image love the foreground and lines taking me down the river. I like the flow of the lower left it’s cleaner than the right corner. I think the reflections are competing on the right with the foreground. Lovely feeling of canoeing down the lazy river.

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