Lone Star Trail – Take Two

Way back in March, I took a short hike on the Lone Star Trail (in Sam Houston National Forest) with my sister, Lacy. We started at Double Lake and walked south on the trail for about a mile and a half. We were both taking photos, and more interested in photography than hiking.

click for larger image

This scene is of the Double Lake Branch of Big Creek, just south of Double Lake. It’s off trail just a bit, and very close to the big oak I visited last year.

I’ve put off processing these photos for too long now. I’ll have some others up soon.

3 thoughts on “Lone Star Trail – Take Two

  1. I really like this shot. It’s dense but organized, if that makes sense. The creek makes a nice pathway to lead your eye through the frame and into the distance. The reflection on the creek really makes a difference here; the creeks in that area are mostly muddy, brown, and ugly; but the refelction makes the creek an attractive feature in the image. I like the way the upper left corner is bookended by the tree trunk. The lighter area in the background makes a nice destination for your eye to arrive at after following the creek, but it’s not so bright that it sticks out as a distraction. You did a good job of controlling the overall contrast and tonality.

    While I like hiking various sections of the LST (Big Creek to Double Lake being my favorite section), I’ve found the piney woods to be a very difficult environment for taking landscape photographs. In fact I often don’t even bring my camera anymore when hiking there. So I find your success with this image all the more impressive.

  2. Thanks Mike and Jeff! I appreciate your responses. Yep, I agree that it is hard to photograph that area if you’re looking for landscape-type images. I suppose there are good opportunities for small-scale landscapes and macro work, but I’m not really into that.

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