South Mayde Creek

After living in the NW Houston area for nearly 10 years, I finally took a serious photography trip the other day to focus on a nature spot very close to home (took my tripod and everything!).

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South Mayde Creek is one of many creek/bayous that flow through our area. These photos were taken in Cullen Park off Saums Road.

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I have a lot to say about photographing here, and I’ll expand on it later. I hope this will become a new project for me. I did enjoy the outing and the photos I took are starting to grow on me.

Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “South Mayde Creek

  1. Love both of these, even more I like that you’re getting out in the neighborhood. I’m finding that my “quickie field trips” to local places are great teachers. I don’t always come away with a great image but I always come away with something different and a lesson with-in.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I’ve wrestled with this long enough and have given in with a compromise. I’ve always wanted an outdoor area close to home that I can photograph.

    The areas around home are not what I would prefer. They are not the desert, not Big Bend, and have no grand vistas with 10-mile views. Getting to that sort of area requires a very long drive.

    So I’m going forward with exploring this muddy, thick area for the sake of “getting out there” with my camera and making serious photos. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. I like the creek shot. It’s somewhat reminiscent of your other recent shots. But this one’s less about the creek and more about the trees and generery to me. While it doesn’t appear to be a wide-angle shot, there’s still some depth to the scene resulting from the way the light is filtering through the trees at different levels in different areas. I also like the splash of red in the near ground.

    The closeup/abstraction is also nice. What I like most is the color coming below the surface in parts of the freme, where you can’t see distinct leaves but get a hint of what there. I do wish the main leaf to the right was a little more distinct.

  4. Thanks, Jeff! The first was shot at a longer focal length (70~100mm or thereabouts). I was drawn by the apparent depth the light was creating – exactly what you pointed out. I’m glad it worked.

  5. The wider view is well done, TJ, but doesn’t hold my attention whatsoever. The second, of the water moving, is much more interesting. The water is not completely blurred out, but looking indirectly at the image it presents itself as an abstract, which I really like.

  6. I don’t know how you took such nice photos of that creek. It’s considerably polluted.

  7. Thanks, Justin! It is indeed polluted. In a few of those, I did clone out small bits of trash. But I stayed away from photographing scenes that included washing machines and old couches :-)

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