4 thoughts on “GUMO Gallery Finished

  1. TJ. Excellent as always. I wanted to come back and comment on a couple of the shots that were added after my first comments.

    Tree & Stars – A great galaxy shot, as usual. I like the tree, it makes a great foreground subject in silhouette. I also like the way you arrange the shot so that the milky way seems to be shooting up out of the tree.

    Sunrise near Pine Springs Campground – Beautiful. The tree has a very interesting shape, the way it curves back on itself. You made great use of this as a framing device around the sun. I also like the diffraction halow on the upper edge of the cloud and the faint God-beams shooting up from the clouds.

    Tent and Stars – This image provides an excellent sense of place, I can just imagine what an experience it was to camp there.

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