Dark Skies Over the High Lonesome

I spent last weekend at the High Lonesome Ranch in the Texas hill country. The weather was clear and the moon was new- perfect conditions for…

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24mm, 25 sec., f/1.8, ISO 6400

The greenish light was from an aerial light near our cabin. The yellowish glow on the horizon was a distant small town or maybe another ranch.

The white streak in the upper left could possibly be a plane, but at 100% I cannot see the usual dot-pattern that results from blinking lights typically seen on planes. It might very well be a meteor, but I was not looking at the sky during the exposure, so I really don’t know.

The white, fuzzy glow (middle right) looks like a galaxy. I’m not sure which one, perhaps Andromeda (M31)? This shot is looking roughly NNE about 2 hours after sunset.

click for larger pic

24mm, 25 sec., f/1.8, ISO 3200

It’s kind of hard to see in this small web-sized pic, but there is a bluish glow on the tree. I inadvertently light-painted it with my LED headlamp.

I set this shot up and hit the shutter, then turned my back to the camera and paced around a bit (while talking to my wife on the cell). All the while I had my headlamp on. I was careful not to look in the direction of the shot, but the light reflected off the ground, then off the tree, and was recorded by the camera. It’s just that sensitive!

4 thoughts on “Dark Skies Over the High Lonesome

  1. I like this special effect that you’ve created, its so subtle it works better than actually painting however so light. Love these images you are really nailing this night stuff…

  2. These are some pretty impressive pictures, and those in the next post as well.

    One thing is sure, this is where my D300, an otherwise very fine camera, could not even come close. When I think of it, this is a type of image that has not been possible before. Obviously those cameras capable of extremely high ISOs are just defining a new genre of night photography.

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