More from Big Bend

I’m still chewing through (i.e. editing and processing) the photos I took in Big Bend last month. Here are a couple more:

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The above photo was taken in Pine Canyon at the end of the trail near the pour-off. The trees had turned lovely fall shades.

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The above photo was shot near Dugout Wells on a windy, sub-freezing morning. Finding that particular clump of cactus took a long time. Fortunately all the walking warmed me up :-)

More from Big Bend later…

2 thoughts on “More from Big Bend

  1. Love these images, where was that cacti, perfect foreground. I like your style, your images look more accurate (in terms of how it actually looks) than mine, for me I would have darken the sky and lightened the top of the cactus to try and create more of an appearance of early light. Then of course it would look more like one of my images than yours…

  2. Thanks, Mike. It took me over 30 minutes of wandering around to find that cactus. I got pretty frustrated with shooting that morning. I have to remember to stop myself next time I get in a bad way like that and chill out.

    Part of my style (on the technical side) are images that appear how our eyes saw the scene (or close to it anyway). You could get really crazy with a photo like this and amp up the colors, contrast, etc. to create a very other-worldly look :-)

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