More Published Work

Just a quick note to capture recent and upcoming publications:

The Friends of Big Bend National Park have used my photo below in their recent newsletter.

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This is a scene of Scarlet Gilia on the Lost Mine Trail taken in September 2007. will publish the following four photos in their 2010 calendar:

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The photos, top to bottom, are:
- Rainbow from the South Rim, Sept. 2007
- The Window just after sunrise, Sept. 2008
- The Painted Desert (badlands near Dawson Creek), Mar. 2009
- Meteor over my tent, Mar. 2009

Many thanks to both FBB and BBC for selecting and using my Big Bend photos!

4 thoughts on “More Published Work

  1. I just went through your BB gallery with a new eye. I new they were good, but now I realize that they are actually great. This is your place, when are you starting your workshop?

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