I spent last Saturday morning hanging out in a cemetery with my camera.

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My photo buddy, Jeff Kohn, has been making an effort to shoot more often. We both like all natural landscapes, open spaces, and the grand view of nature, but unfortunately we both live in Houston. So, in an effort to keep our skills sharp (and also to get together and talk shop), we’re trying to shoot locally on a somewhat frequent basis.

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Glenwood Cemetery is an interesting place. It’s a very old (for this part of the world) cemetery that is still active, i.e. they’re still putting people in the ground there. Jeff and I shot here last year, and he’s been several other times as well.

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This past Saturday, we also met up with several other photogs. It’s interesting to see their take on the place. Some folks focus on the details- the old headstones and statues for example. Personally, I like to shoot wide just like I’d do my normal landscapes.

2 thoughts on “Glenwood

  1. Hey TJ,

    Nice shooting with you again. I really like that first shot. The close-up, wideangle view really puts the emphasis on the gravestones, while the depth of the shot also leads your eyes back to the huge oak tree. The last shot is well-conceived, but the uneven lighting is unfortunate. That could be one to try again on some future visit in better conditions.

  2. Thanks, Jeff! I agree. I like the granite cubes, but the lighting there is a challenge. There are so many trees… I wonder if the afternoon light would be better?

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