Texas Wildflowers 2010, Part 4

Continuing with the wildflower theme…

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All of these were taken on the equestrian trail in Bear Creek Pioneers Park. The creek pictured in the photos is Bear Creek.

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I think I’ve identified the flowers now. The smaller, lower yellow flowers found along the trail and in the woods are prairie buttercups. The taller flowers that line the creek banks are golden ragwort (also called golden groundsel or butterweed).

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I visited the this area 5 times to shoot the flowers. When I started, the flowers were peaking and I noticed slight deterioration in my subsequent outings. The area flooded last weekend and now the flowers are in poor shape (the ones that are still left).

2 thoughts on “Texas Wildflowers 2010, Part 4

  1. TJ,

    I think your repeated visits to this area have really paid off. You found quite a little gem of wildflower scenery in these woods, and I’m glad I got to join you out there for a visit (alas I never got a chance for a return trip before the rains came last weekend).

    From this set I especially like the first shot along the creek. Seeing thick wildflowers right along the creek bed is not something you typically see in TX, at least I haven’t before. It’s makes for a striking image. I especially like the gentle S-curve in the creek, and the way the tree trunks imply the base of a triangle over the creek at the point that it changes direction.

    The second image really gives you that “sea of yellow” impression that was so apparent when visiting the place in person. And again you have a curving path through the image, only this time it’s created by a combination of light, shadow, and flowers rather than by the creek. This scene is very well suited to overcast light, I don’t think it would have created nearly the same impression with sunlight streaking through the trees.

    The third image is another effective shot featuring the creek. The straightened course of the creek and slightly wider view give this image a greater sense of depth. While the first image has a peaceful, almost pastoral mood to it, this image starts out pretty in the foreground and then shifts towards a denser, more chaotic scene in the distance, that hints at a certain wildness not portrayed in the first image.

  2. Thanks, Jeff! I appreciate your comments.

    Based on them, I think I achieved my goal. That’s exactly what I was trying to say with these photos.



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