AR 3 – Buttercups and Honeysuckle

The next four posts are catch-ups to this photo project. I’ve not had a chance to make these blog entries in a timely manner.

In late April, the honeysuckle vines exploded with flowers and fragrance. The smell was intense; I could smell it from the parking lot across the highway. The photo features a buttercup with honeysuckle blooms in the background.

click for larger image

My thoughts during the past several walks have been focused on the photographic process that involves attraction. Specifically, what causes us to be attracted to a subject to the point where it results in a photo?

This is just a small part of the whole photographic process, but it’s an important one. I suppose that it’s very different for each photographer, and our level of consciousness of the process varies.

I also want to talk about the process of attraction because it is one of the main reasons of this whole photo-walk/project thing that I’ve started. I hope to develop it and become better at finding interesting subjects.

We pass up photographic opportunities all the time. The great photos we miss most likely outnumber the few good photos that we’ve managed to make.

I’ll cut this discussion short and continue it in the next few posts.


Here’s the obligatory snake photo for this particular photo-walk :-)

click for larger image

One thought on “AR 3 – Buttercups and Honeysuckle

  1. Lovely shot. The flower is a fine specimen, and the light is just wonderful in its subtlety. I find composing flower close-ups in an interesting way to be difficult, but I really like the way the honeysuckle in the background sort of ring around the buttercup. And the DOF is just right – soft enough to provide some separation from the foreground subject while still keeping the honeysuckle recognizable.

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