AR 11 – Walking in a Storm

I walked in a different area yesterday: the equestrian trails in Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

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It was somewhat of an adventure and I enjoyed it. I was on the edge of a passing thunderstorm (it was just to the south of me). It rained on me for about half of the walk while direct sunlight hit the woods. The lighting conditions were pretty dramatic.

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Thunder boomed heavily in the humid air as I picked my way along the overgrown trail. The young banana spiders are out in full force, and I had to clear the webs to pass in several spots along the trail.

2 thoughts on “AR 11 – Walking in a Storm

  1. There really is something exhilarating about walking in a forest during stormy weather, once you resolve yourself to getting wet. I remember getting caught on the Lone Star Trail during a summer thunderstorm and while their was no lightning in our immediate vicinity the constant thunder definitely made things interesting.

    I like your use of back-lighting, especially in the first image which is stronger for me due to the clear subject.

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