AR 13 – Yellow, Green, and Sound!

Today’s theme was yellow and green, picked spontaneously on-the-fly as the walk progressed.

click for larger images

I took along my new audio recorder, and below are links to two sound clips. I’m quickly realizing that capturing sound is going to be a lot more challenging that I’d anticipated. Ha! I think I remember saying that about photography way back when… :-)

- Birds (MP3 file, 0.2 MB)
- Cicadas (MP3 file, 0.3 MB)

And so begins the audio learning curve.

One thought on “AR 13 – Yellow, Green, and Sound!

  1. TJ, Great to hear from you, I’ve missed quite a bit, you’ve been busy. Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot to me. I like how you’ve put together the Addicks Reservoir Project and sound too…

    I’m on my way back to Miami and will spend more time going over what you’ve done when I get home. Hope you and your family are fine…

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