Backyard Photography

A couple of weekends ago, I smoked a few links of smoked venison sausage on the back porch. Yep, that’s right – double smoked sausage :-) It’s pretty damn good!

I decided to break out the camera and shoot in the backyard. Usually this type of shoot results in macro shots of little flowers or insects. Or I take to shooting my son… with the camera. Although some of his performances this past week could have warranted shooting with something else. I never thought I’d be calling my own kid a brat, but he’s quickly learning how to push our buttons.

So this is what I found that looked beautiful and interested me in my own backyard. Clouds, palm trees, and sausage. Damn it was good! :-)

2 thoughts on “Backyard Photography

  1. Those black and white shots turned out really cool! See that is what I was talking about, seeing something in a new perspective. I really like them!

  2. Thanks! Yep, that was certainly it. I was going for something different outside of my comfort zone. Or maybe it was all the beer I had… :-)

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