Mobile Image Editing

Producing images on the go has been made very easy with apps like Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. But putting content online in specialized locations, such as my blog, takes a bit more work using a mobile platform.

The real work is preparing the images.

I was using the Photo Editor app. It’s free and has a pretty good set of tools for basic editing. I recently bought the Adobe Photoshop Touch app. It has about the same tool set, but it does layers. This may not be terribly important for most photo editing (considering this is regarding relatively, down and dirty quick edits). But it is essential for what I’ve just done…

The example below takes you through a simple blend of two exposures. This was made possible by using the layers feature in the Adobe Photoshop Touch app.

Those two photos, one exposed for the sky and one exposed for the foreground, are a classic set up for a simple blend using layers and selections and opacity sliders.
The above pic shows you the app in action. It takes some getting used to. Instead of text descriptions, the tool sets are represented by little icons. If you are familiar with Photoshop, then this will make sense… well, some sense at least.

I found myself fumbling around quite a bit. But I’m confident that with some practice, I can efficiently use the app.

The final result is above. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for efforts on a mobile platform and will give me the opportunity to post more often, especially when I’m away from my home computer.

The other aspect of all this is learning how to do work like this from an app-based, touchscreen environment. Like it or not, computing technology is all heading that way (just like optical viewfinders disappearing from new camera models, but that’s a rant for another day…).

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