The benefit of regular practice is one, huge thing I missed on my recent trip to Big Bend. I just haven’t shot enough this year to keep my skills in good shape, and I definitely felt rusty out in the field.

I realized this forthcoming situation in the weeks just prior to my trip, and that’s when I made the decision to become more engaged with my blog here.

It’s a positive cycle. If I practice more, then I’ll have something to blog about. If I blog more, then I’ll need something to blog about (e.g. the results of practice.

Of course 2 weeks isn’t enough time. But I was hoping to turn it into a habit.

Glenwood Cemetery in Houston is an interesting place. I spent the morning there with my friend, Wes. We both went to practice.

I don’t think either of us had high expectations, but there’s enough subject matter there that we can find something good to shoot and engage in a meaningful photographic process.

The whole point, again, is to keep the photo skills up and going, I.e. seeing, identifying, shooting, operating the camera, and post work.

Although at this point I don’t need anymore images to work on :-) I have a ton from Big Bend waiting on me!

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