Head Down, Fast Forward

I see that time has, once again, snuck past me. It’s been almost a week since I posted here, and that kinda violates my new plan for staying engaged with photography.

As we all say, “I was really busy”.

I had jury duty on Monday, got selected, and spent 3 days commuting to downtown Houston for the trial. In the evenings, I had to catch up on work and work emails and such.

There will be times like this. I can accept that. The hard part is resuming the “normal” life after the busy-ness has stopped. Being busy for a while derails me and my routine.

I did manage a few thoughtful photos and put them on my Instagram page. The one above is floor tile from the federal courthouse. Only tile that depressing would be (and should be) found in a government facility :-)

Now, back to being “normal”…

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