Photography has definitely taken a back seat lately. But I’ve also focused on other things that are creative…. well, at least somewhat.

I like to make stuff. It’s usually not fancy, and it’s almost always a home repair project or a quick DIY job.

I recently got a cheap cross slide vise for use on my drill press.

The vise needed a lot of fixing up despite being new. It was cheaply made, but with the right lube, cleaning, and adjusting, it actually works pretty well. I even added roller bearings on the crank stops so they would turn smoothly and easily.

Cooking is something else I enjoy, but I don’t do it very often. I don’t do fancy or gourmet necessarily. I just spend a lot of time chopping, cutting, and preparing. And it’s usually stuff packed with flavor, spice, and stuff that’s generally bad for you in large quantities. This was for Thanksgiving sides – stuffed mushrooms and bacon wrapped stuffed jalepenos.

Beer is still a great source of enjoyment. And I’m still trying new brews when I can.

A recent new one was Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. It’s unlike anything I’ve had before. It’s expensive but a nice treat. At 18% alcohol it’s not a beer to drink in large quantities. It’s sweet and smooth and does not have a crisp hoppy taste. It’s just mellow liquid gold that smoothes out any hops that went into it.

And finally, the biggest time consuming activity in the past several weeks has been a total change in lifestyle. I turned 39 last month, and I’ve vowed to not reach 40 in the current shape that I’m in.

I’ve been exercising A LOT both biking and running. I’ve gotten on Weight Watchers, and I’m learning to eat right.

I’ve set two goals for a 365 day period:
1) Do Weight Watchers every day
2) Travel 1800 miles on foot or bike (combined)

I really don’t have any goals for my weight. I know I will lose weight, but I’m more concerned about eating right and getting healthy.

So it’s a big change. I can still eat and drink what I want, but I have to learn to do it in moderation. It’s occupying a lot more of my non-work time than I thought. However, it is important and I must make time to exercise.

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