The Weather Sucks

Since I’m way down in the south, thankfully I’ve not had to put up with the severe cold that the rest of the US has been dealing with. But it has been significantly colder here lately.

The problem is getting used to it. We go through two big adjustments per year.

The first is transitioning from cool weather in the spring to hot summer temps. Mainly, it’s getting used to constantly sweating while you’re outdoors and wearing as little clothing as is acceptable.

The second is in late fall when you pretty much have to keep a supply of various jackets and sweaters handy, and then adjust your layers to the current conditions.

It was 23 deg. Tuesday morning. This morning it was 60.

You still sweat however. I went for a run on Tuesday afternoon wearing two shirts and a sweater. I was uncomfortable until I warmed up. Then, 6 miles later, I was cold and soaked.

It’s the humidity…. pppfffftttttt.

The photos are Instagram pics from this week.

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