Ice Day

There’s just a bit of ice collecting outside right now. Way down here in Houston, we rarely get conditions like this.

Schools are cancelled. Some roads and bridges are closed. And I’m sitting in the warmth of my home office frustrated that my employer’s webmail is down.

Folks from up north are laughing at us for being so cautions about the current conditions. But anyone who has driven in Houston with just a bit of inclement weather will understand that you do NOT want to be around other Houston drivers. You can be cautious all you want, but there will still be a certain amount of drivers who still drive like their rear-ends are on fire and the only water is miles away.

I stepped out on my back porch just now to witness the massive, threatening icicles forming on my house. Yep, they are all 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length.

I shot the above photo with my phone. I never thought I’d see out of focus areas like that from a phone camera. But it’s pretty cool and I’m impressed with the technology.

The phone is a HTC One. The camera will shoot at f/2.0 wide open, and it will focus relatively close to objects. The combination will produce a shallow DOF like you see above.

It’s certainly not the best quality image, but it’s impressive nonetheless from a phone! :-)

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