Getting Ready for Spring

Can someone please tell me what happened to February? It was January last time I looked. Now it appears to be…. March? Really?

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I’ve been busy at work. Things are happening in the field, and I’ve had to make several trips out of town.

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My Olympus OM-D E-M5 has been the tool of choice for these outings. It’s small and light and is just right for traveling and grabbing snapshots of the action.

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My mind has been re-engaging the old, familiar process and creative act of photography. I’ve been so bogged down with other efforts (mainly work and also my home life) that my head has been everywhere but into photography over the last couple of months.

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Despite the crazy weather being a lot colder than normal, our spring wildflower season is starting early. On a recent trek through George Bush Park, I found several stretches of prairie buttercups along the trail.

The trees are still mostly bare and the long grasses are brown. But the short grasses and small undergrowth are rich, vibrant green. Things are happening fast, and I’m going to be exploring the local parks quite a bit over the next month. Hopefully I won’t have to make any more out of town trips for work!

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