High Island Beach

Two weeks ago we drove out to High Island for the birds and the beach. There’s a nice bird sanctuary in town containing a rookery for egrets and spoonbills.

Tanya and Henry spent some time at the beach while her mom and I shot the birds. We all ended up at the beach for sunset and watched Henry run around with his usual endless supply of energy, which makes photographing him difficult.

click for larger pic

What would I do without burst mode on my camera? I guess I’d miss more shots than I already do :-)

2 thoughts on “High Island Beach

  1. oh… that b&w is just beautiful. You should submit that one if you haven’t already.

  2. Thanks! I had a hell of a time getting a shot of the little booger. He wouldn’t stand still for a second. I think I had my focus set on servo because I was basically just tracking him and snapping shots as he went. Henry is the definition of perpetual motion :-)

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