Big Bend Workshop News (Oct. ’14)

It’s on! This event is officially scheduled and accepting students. I have a room block and a conference room booked.

I’ve sent an announcement out to my email list and now have several folks signed up. Please see the workshop details page (click here!) for more information.

I’ve lowered my price a bit and made some slight changes in how the event will operate. The workshop details page has all the information and fine details.

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions. I hope to see you in Big Bend!

2 thoughts on “Big Bend Workshop News (Oct. ’14)

  1. I will be on a New England cruise during this time. But I hope that you put this on again in 2015. I do want to take this workshop.

  2. Most likely there will be a 2015 workshop. I’ve not planned that far ahead yet, but my goal now is to do at least one workshop per year. Stay tuned… :-)

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