Mothership Wit

Beer Review: Mothership Wit (New Belgium Brewing Company)

Many thanks to my friend, James S., for bringing my attention to this lovely beer. He recently discovered it while he and his wife honeymooned in California.

I found it at my local Specs (NW Houston – Jones & 290). They seem to have just about everything. (FYI, if a local Specs doesn’t have something, then they’ll probably have it at their downtown “warehouse”, and if they don’t have it there, then they’ll order it for you).

Yes, that is fruit in my beer (an orange :-)  

Mothership Wit is a light (in color) wheat beer. It is lightly spiced and has hints of orange. This is the best tasting beer I’ve had in a long time. I could drink this stuff gallons at a time. And it tastes pretty damn good with an orange slice! :-)

It’s very similar to Belgian White (Blue Moon Brewing Company) but much better. Mothership Wit is fresher and brighter tasting (the flavors burst through like sharp, vivid colors in a nice photo). It is smooth, too smooth almost :-) because this stuff will easily slide down your throat several ounces at a time. The hints of orange and spices are well done – they are subtle but show up on your taste buds with pleasure. They compliment the beer ever so nicely.

If you like a smooth, full-tasting (yet still light and refreshing) beer, then give this a try. It’s a perfect thirst-quenching beer for a hot afternoon. I think I’ve found my favorite for the upcoming summer.

4 thoughts on “Mothership Wit

  1. Ah yes, they were quite tasty at High Island ;-)

    Alas, I think the Sunshine (the regular wheat beer from NB) is better :-)

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