Death Valley Book

It’s done. Our book is ready for order. (Actually, it’s been ready since last month, but I’ve been a lazy blogger lately).

The book is a collection of photos from everyone who attended the February 2008 Radiant Vista photography workshop in Death Valley. The book project was created by Saul S. (one of my “classmates”) and myself. Saul and I worked with the rest of the group to gather photo submissions from everyone and generate the electronic file using Blurb’s software: BookStupid… er, BookSmart.Blurb did a fine job with my sample copy of the book. For the price, the printing was quite nice and the overall quality of the book is on par with the usual fare at your local mega-bookstore.

The book is a wonderful keepsake and an impressive study of photography. It’s fascinating because there are so many different photos taken of the same places at the same times. Each photographer in our group had their own unique photographic vision and style (just like our different personalities), and the photos show a window into each person’s inner being.

I cannot help but sit still for a moment while I reflect on that amazing week. Never have I felt so connected with the landscape. Never have I felt so full of creativity, my mind rolling in positive, free-flowing thoughts. The excitement was like being 8 again and experiencing Christmas day over and over for a week. The stimulating, creative atmosphere was an amazing experience, and I try very hard not to forget the natural highs we all enjoyed.

The book is great. It really is. I’ll show it to you if you live close to me and want to see it :-)

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