Giant Yoda

What does an eight-foot tall Yoda made of LEGO® bricks look like? Well, there was one in Baybrook Mall this past weekend :-)

The new LEGO store at the mall celebrated its grand opening over the weekend, and TexLUG (the LEGO fan group that I’m in) volunteered to help with the giant build.

a smaller model of Yoda sits atop the unfinished giant model

Of course I took my camera along to document the event. It was a lot of fun watching the kids (and adults too) help build the model. The process involved the public building “macro” bricks (large bricks made up of smaller bricks) that were then passed to the master model builder (from LEGO) to place in the final Yoda model. Click on the images to see the full gallery of my photos.

master model builder, Dan, hard at work

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