Finding Your Photographic Style

For a long while I chewed on the notion of photographic style. I was not able to define it in my work. Yes, there was an apparent style, or rather, just a few basic similarities between each of my photos. But that didn’t satisfy me as I thought style would be something much deeper and more meaningful.

Earlier this year, with a little help from a photo workshop, I figured it out. I decided to write a piece on it since the whole process was complicated and deeply emotional for me.

Click here to read the article.

I hope that by sharing my experiences I can inspire those of you searching for your style and meaning in your work. Maybe you’ve found your style but it seems somewhat superficial. Maybe you wish to move beyond just making pretty pictures and create work that is more meaningful to yourself and others.

Defining and knowing your style will help you connect better with your passion in your work, IMO. Knowing your style isn’t necessary for creating meaningful work, but I think it helps. Good luck!

Death Valley, Feb. 2008

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Photographic Style

  1. TJ,
    Crusing through your blog I came across “Finding your Photographic Style” well done and very appropriate for me. This is the type of content that is meaningful and deserves to be read over and over. Thanks and thanks again…
    Mike H

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks! Thanks for posting here. I appreciate it. I’m glad you found and read this article. I hope you’re successful in finding and exploring your own photographic style and vision!


  3. Thank you for this article. I am relatively new to photography having recently acquired equipment capable of serious photography. I just returned from a trip to Death Valley and was in awe of the landscapes. The link above has images posted from the trip if you are interested. From now on whenever I hear the phrase “peace and quiet”, I will think of Death Valley glowing in soft light. I hope to connect to my vision or style soon. I know it is there just waiting for me to acknowledge it.

  4. Thanks, Amanda. You have some great work in your DV gallery. I really like the wide-open landscapes and big skies. That’s what I remember from my visit there years ago. I also love the pastel colors in a lot of your scenes. Very nice!

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