In Remembrance

Today marks one year since the sudden passing of a young and dear friend, Mike.

I promised myself that I’d perform some “Mike-ism” today in honor and memory of him. Something along the lines of:

- watch a stupid movie and then spend the next 6 hours quoting it and laughing
- get involved in a lively discussion about politics or sports
- fart and pretend that it didn’t smell
- drink single malt scotch straight
- create a massive spreadsheet to analyze and plan my next major purchase
- stop for a green light
- laugh and laugh some more at a stupid joke
- not get pissed off, no matter what angered me
- smile all day long

Mike was the kinda guy that you would like only after 30 seconds of knowing him. He always wore a smile. He always had good things to say about things and people, no matter what. Even the jackass that just cut him off in traffic.

His wife and three young children miss him terribly. We all do. Life is just a little less bright and fun without his presence.

One thought on “In Remembrance

  1. I laughed out loud reading this “create a massive spreadsheet to analyze and plan my next major purchase”. Yeah and then I cried. At least there’s no one around the 6th today.

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