My Photo in Nov. Issue of Texas Highways

Texas Highways magazine has published a photo of mine in their November issue! Check out the Window on Texas section on the inside of the back cover.

I took this photo while hunting a while back, and it is part of my High Lonesome photo project. I definitely remember shooting this photo after being entranced by the amazing colors and iridescence of turkey feathers in the sunlight.

Many thanks to Texas Highways for choosing my photo!

7 thoughts on “My Photo in Nov. Issue of Texas Highways

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks! I submitted my Texas-themed photos to the photo editor of the magazine several months ago. They have a submission process that’s straightforward and easy. Then, over a month ago, he notified me that they’d be publishing this particular photo in Nov. I was thrilled!

  2. I should also comment that one of my primary goals (and desires) is to share my nature photography with others in hopes to increase their attention and appreciation towards nature and the wilderness. My wish is for everyone to slow down just a little bit during their busy lives and take in something that’s naturally beautiful, and also be reminded that it’s up to us to keep things naturally beautiful.

  3. Very, very cool. Both the photo and getting published!
    Keep up your great work, and mostly, keep working at it.

  4. Congrats, I can see why it was published. The layered geometric shapes created by the feathers make for an excellent abstraction. And the soft, directonal light enhances the textures and iridescence of the feathers. It’s a really nice shot, and must be very gratifying to see it published.

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